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What Your Business Is Missing Out On By Not Having a Mobile App

Mobile users (those using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones) are surely taking over the consumer setting. Statistics show that more than 50% of mobile users check their smartphone right after waking up.
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How a Mobile App Will Increase Your Holiday Sales

According to a new report from Juniper Research the annual retail payments on mobile handsets and tablets are expected to reach $707 billion by 2018, representing 30% of all e-Retail by that time.
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Mobile App vs. Website - Which One Is Best For You?

Even though a mobile app works much like a mobile website, a mobile app offers businesses the advantage of having their own corner on a client's device. Due to the fact that users need to download and install the app, businesses have more control over their presence on a device than they would with a mobile website.
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Why Your Restaurant Must Have a Mobile App

Is it worth the investment to have a mobile app for your restaurant? That’s the question you need to ask yourself if you are a restaurant owner. If you are skeptic and still think it’s just a trend, and obviously app development companies are promoting the advantages of having an app for their personal benefit, think again. And most importantly get informed.
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How a Mobile App Helps Your Business Grow

There are more and more small and medium businesses that realize now how important it is to have a mobile app in order to stay competitive these days.
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Reasons Why Every Hair Salon Needs An App

For most small businesses, a mobile app is a wonderful opportunity to connect with customers and open new marketing channels. However when it comes specifically to hair salons and barbershops, mobile apps offer many considerable features to boost business cost-effectively.
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