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Your own mobile app Treasure Hunt feature

Did you know that treasure hunts are an extremely effective way of engaging your customers? Far from being a last minute craze concocted by mobile app developers, there are serious business opportunities related to scavenger or treasure hunts. And now you can have your own business app with a treasure hunt feature included!
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Basic marketing research at negligible cost: in-app survey feature

You are a business owner: you come up with a business idea. And then you made it work. It does prove you have good instincts - at least for the niche you are operating in - and it does mean you understood your customers. To continue to understand your customers you need more than instincts; you need actionable marketing intelligence!
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The advantages of our apps with inbuilt referral and loyalty programs

The enclosed infographic clearly identifies the importance of having a loyalty program in the current business culture, reviews things that make a loyalty program efficient and valuable, acknowledges the main challenges to building a good loyalty program and show how our Mobile App offers undeniable competitive advantages in this context.
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