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Heatmaps: the recent addition to our app analytics

Heatmaps: have you heard of them? It is a safe bet that you saw some even if the term 'heatmap' doesn’t tell you much. Above you can see an example of such a heatmap in AppzBizz analytics: this one shows the density of the Donald J. Trump app installs according to the geolocation of the smartphone or tablet in US.
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Customer interface - the "thin red line" that divides the living from the dead?

No doubt, you are wondering: What on earth is this blog post title supposed to mean?! Briefly, it is a way of saying that customer interface seems to be that thing which separates two fundamentally different realities; in the words of James Jones - the author of the book that inspired Terrence Malick’s film - 'the thin red line that divides the living from dead'.
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Make your own app with us and boost your in-store sales

The retail industry is undergoing a paradigm shift: more and more customers rely on the online to shop. According to a recent post by Bill Siwicki from, fully 47% of online retail traffic and 33% of online retail orders stemmed from smartphones and tablets in last quarter of 2014.
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