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Microsoft’s mobile strategy failure: the Cassandra effect

Have you ever heard of the 'Cassandra Effect'? According to ancient Greek lore, Cassandra was prophetess that was able to foresee the future, but powerless to change it.
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Websummit 2015: why we are going and what we expect to achieve

If you have some sort of connection with the tech world - and unless you are living under a rock - you probably have heard about the upcoming Websummit 2015.
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Our #DecemberApp offer: what’s in it for you?

If you follow us on Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest or Twitter you are probably up to date on our latest 'ruinous' offer. AppzBizz, in partnership with ke Solutions - and for this month only! - offers premium custom built native apps are at just $800 and we pledge to get them ready and published in 24 hours or less (from the moment we have all the necessary content information).
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Happy to support good causes: the Lyone Foundation app

One of the things we love about making apps is that sometimes it allows us to contribute (even if slightly) to a good cause. It is the case of Lyone Foundation app we have launched in February.
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