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Basic marketing research at negligible cost: in-app survey feature

You are a business owner: you come up with a business idea. And then you made it work. It does prove you have good instincts - at least for the niche you are operating in - and it does mean you understood your customers. To continue to understand your customers you need more than instincts; you need actionable marketing intelligence!
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Why customer retention is AppzBizz greeting card

Suppose you face the following situation: you are a small business that has at the moment 50 customers. A marketing agency has a strategy that can gain each month you 100 new customers but they tell you that you will lose 50 of your customers within the same month.
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Mobile wallets adoption will enhance your app adoption

Do you have your wallet with you? It might sound stupid to ask, but let’s ask anyway: why do you carry it? You may answer by listing its contents: money, credit cards, loyalty cards, club cards, a family photo or two, business cards, etc., making it quite uncomfortable to carry all that in dispersed through your pockets.
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Do you like Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Perks app? We can make a better one just for you!

Let’s clarify something from the very beginning: this blog is not about pretzels, it’s about being smart about your customers. From the image above you can see how the app - Pretzel Perks - made by Auntie Anne’s is all about rewarding loyalty. In fact, the slogan accompanying this app is clear enough: REWARDS THAT RISE WITH OUR DOUGH.
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