Money can't buy loyalty but investing in Mobile Apps could!

Somewhat unnoticed, Tyler White posted a blog last year tentatively making the connection between mobile apps and customer loyalty.
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Mobile apps trend: the battle for push notifications

One of the major discussions at the moment in regard to mobile apps gravitates around push notifications. Push notifications can be incredibly useful. In fact, the old ideas about ad placement in a mobile environment would probably die out because there is simply too little page space available for ads.
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The advantages of our apps with inbuilt referral and loyalty programs

The enclosed infographic clearly identifies the importance of having a loyalty program in the current business culture, reviews things that make a loyalty program efficient and valuable, acknowledges the main challenges to building a good loyalty program and show how our Mobile App offers undeniable competitive advantages in this context.
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Why Your Restaurant Must Have a Mobile App

Is it worth the investment to have a mobile app for your restaurant? That’s the question you need to ask yourself if you are a restaurant owner. If you are skeptic and still think it’s just a trend, and obviously app development companies are promoting the advantages of having an app for their personal benefit, think again. And most importantly get informed.
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