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The advantages of our apps with inbuilt referral and loyalty programs

The enclosed infographic clearly identifies the importance of having a loyalty program in the current business culture, reviews things that make a loyalty program efficient and valuable, acknowledges the main challenges to building a good loyalty program and show how our Mobile App offers undeniable competitive advantages in this context.
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Make your own app with us and boost your in-store sales

The retail industry is undergoing a paradigm shift: more and more customers rely on the online to shop. According to a recent post by Bill Siwicki from, fully 47% of online retail traffic and 33% of online retail orders stemmed from smartphones and tablets in last quarter of 2014.
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The hidden costs of free apps

In all fairness this is perhaps not news for you; you may have suspected it all along if are a moderately active user of smartphones. The more apps you have on your phone the faster the battery seems to demand your attention.
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What is your mobile strategy: A piece of the pie or crumbles under the table?

News feeds are replete with mobile-related stories. For instance, you may have heard of recent news MobileFirst for iOS churning apps designed to improve productivity in the healthcare, airline and insurance industries, as well as on the factory floor.
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Why customer retention is AppzBizz greeting card

Suppose you face the following situation: you are a small business that has at the moment 50 customers. A marketing agency has a strategy that can gain each month you 100 new customers but they tell you that you will lose 50 of your customers within the same month.
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