E-commerce and order management available for AppzBizz business apps

The AppzBizz mobile app building platform is pleased to announce the launch of E-commerce and Order Management modules.
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'Phreaking' or frequency hacking is coming back from the grave

Last week, NY Times published an article - 'It’s Possible to Hack a Phone With Sound Waves, Researchers Show' - that since gained a lot of attention and a lot of echoes in other media outlets. It’s not just about smartphones, as the title might suggest; but any system incorporating a particular class of sensors (an accelerometer, in this case) allows under certain conditions a knowledgeable person to influence, control or disable the device that incorporates it.
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Lost your iPhone? Siri can 'gossip' about you even if your phone is locked

Apple has taken repeatedly a strong stance on privacy protection, especially when it comes to their flagship product, the iPhone. While, undoubtedly, a lot of effort has gone into making it more secure, a lot still hinges on how conscious is the user of the dangers posed by some combinations of enabled settings on the iPhone.
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Perceived creativity, mobile apps and ROI: 5 ideas worth knowing

For a number of years now, Adobe conducts a global survey to capture how people view creativity, it’s role in the their lives, it role in the business environment, etc. The most recent report - Adobe State of: Create 2016 - was published at the beginning of October and has many interesting findings businesses would do well to think about.
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Mobile speed advantage: twice the revenue and way ahead the competition

Even those that haven’t watched the movie Zootopia, the iconic scene depicted above is probably resonating with some of our own experiences with systems that seem to thrive on delay.
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Introducing E-signature feature for AppzBizz business apps

Growth, in all its forms and shapes, comes with certain inconveniences. After AppzBizz introduced the white label app program, we discovered one of these growth-related inconveniences: more gets actually published but you cannot brag about it, since white label apps (by definition) do not mention the app developer.
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